DIY Blemish Face Mask

DIY Blemish Face Mask

I recently shared a recipe for a DIY face mask for dry skin and I wanted to share my go-to DIY blemish face mask for when I’m suffering from breakouts and want to try and minimise them and clarify my skin.

DIY Blemish Face Mask

DIY Blemish Face Mask

My DIY blemish face mask is turmeric based as turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and has been used in ancient and modern Indian medicine. It contains natural yogurt and natural yogurt contains lactic acid that will help dissolve dead skin cells and tighten the pores. Yogurt also contains probiotics and is known to calm inflammation throughout the body which is why it works so well for blemishes as it helps to clam angry blemishes. The next ingredient you’ll need is rice flour which contains some sun protecting properties such as ferulic acid, and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent for soothing the skin if you have sun burn or blemishes.


Tumeric Powder – one teaspoon

Plain Yogurt – two tablespoons

Rice Flour – one teaspoon.


Add all three ingredients into a bowl and mix thoroughly together to ensure you have fully blended the mixture. The mixture should resemble a sunshine yellow cream which you can then apply to the skin. I would recommend using an old makeup brush for spreading the mask over the face, especially if you have blemishes as you don’t want to be spreading any extra bacteria over your blemishes. Once you have an even layer of the mask you should leave it to work its magic for at least twenty minutes and then rinse with a hot wash cloth.

Once you’ve rinsed the mask off, your skin will instantly be softer, smoother and inflammation and angry blemishes should be minimised. You can use this mask twice a week but I wouldn’t use it more often than twice a week due to the lactic acid within the yogurt.

Happy Masking!