Quick and Easy Eggnog Recipe In Just 5 Minutes!

Quick and Easy Eggnog Recipe In Just 5 Minutes!

Christmas may be over but the festive season certainly isn’t and I intend on enjoying festive treats from now until the New Year. One festive beverage I’ve seen all over Pinterest this year is Eggnog and until this year I’d never even tried it as I assumed it would be a faff to make but after doing some recipe research, I made my own recipe over Christmas and it turned out really well so I wanted to share my quick and easy eggnog recipe which takes just five minutes to make.

Quick and Easy Eggnog Recipe In Just 5 Minutes!

Quick and Easy Eggnog Recipe In Just 5 Minutes!

So what is eggnog?!

Eggnog is a rich and delicious drink consisting of rum, brandy, or other alcohol mixed with beaten egg, milk, and sugar. It’s historically known as milk punch or egg milk punch and is a rich, chilled, sweetened, dairy-based beverage.

Quick and Easy Eggnog Ingredients

– 1 Large Egg

– 1 Cup of Milk

– 1 Tablespoon of Sugar

– Quarter of a Teaspoon of Vanilla Essence.

– Alcohol of Choice – Typically Rum or Brandy but can be made without alcohol too.

Step by Step Instructions

  • Combine all of the ingredients into a bowl or jug except the alcohol which will be added at another stage.
  • You need to blend the ingredients together with either an hand blender, whisk or food processor to fully blend everything and thicken the consistency. By adding air into the mixture will help to give the eggnog a richer and creamier consistency, and it will grow in size the more air that is added.
  • Whilst blending the mixture together, gently pour your chosen alcohol into your mixture so it’s evenly mixed into the blend.
  • Finally pour your blended mix into your chosen glass and serve – it’s literally that easy.

There are lots of different eggnog recipes out there but this quick and easy eggnog recipe was the easiest one that I used and I really liked the outcome but you could of course buy pre-made eggnog mix if you’d rather. If you want to find more eggnog recipes, there’s lots of them on Pinterest and they’re all very easy to follow.