Top Font Bundles for December

Top Font Bundles for December 2019

I’m not entirely sure how it’s December already, this year feels as if it’s flown by in a flash. Although the sales tend to start as soon as Christmas has finished, there’s still lots of bargains to be had everywhere. I feel like sales make it the perfect time to make any purchases you’ve been wanting to do, whilst there’s some money off. I wanted to share the top font bundles for December which offer a large amount of fonts for a super competitive time so it’s ideal if you’ve been wanting to expand your font collection for your personal use, blog, website or store.

Top Font Bundles for December

Top Font Bundles for December

My first pick is from FontBundles and right now is only £3.05 and contains 79 different fonts which is insanely good value. I like to buy fonts to use on my blog to add a little personality and customise my design as much as possible, and this bundle contains some really great fonts, especially if your like script design fonts.

My next is another from FontBundles and this is also £3.05 but it contains 32 fonts and normally costs $236 so you’re getting a massive saving. I’m really tempted by this one myself as I love handwriting style fonts, and it’s such a good deal.

Creative Market is my favourite place to buy fonts as they always have some great offers on regardless of the time of year. My favourite top font bundles for January they’re offering is this 123 font bundle for $12 as you’re getting 254 fonts in 123 font families, and this bundle comes with updates so you can get extra fonts in months to come after purchase.

The last of my favourite top font bundles for December is again from Creative Market and is a bundle I’m considering purchasing myself as it’s such a good deal. For $15 you’ll get 72 fonts from 45 type faces and I love all of fonts you get within this bundle. It really is a great offer and the fonts are all really unique and versatile.