Top Graphics Bundles January 2020

Top Graphics Bundles January 2020

If you are anything like me, you’ll love discovering new graphics bundles to add to your ever growing collection. I personally really enjoy using graphics for a number of uses. I like to use them for work projects such as presentations, documents and pitches, but also as a blogger they’re handy for personalising your content and social media channels. I’ve always got my eye open on The Hungry JPEG for good deals on fonts and graphics, and today I’m sharing the top graphics bundles for January 2020 so keep on reading.

Top Graphics Bundles January 2020

Top Graphics Bundles January 2020

Have you ever visited the Hungry JPEG website before? It’s a guilty pleasure of mine I must admit, and I love checking out their frequent deals and discounts. They regularly offer free fonts, graphics or vectors so it’s always worth checking back or signing up to their mailing list as they’re only ever around for a short period of time. It’s also handy if you do seasonal work as they often have Valentine’s, Easter, Halloween and Christmas themed freebies. I’m sharing some top graphics bundles on offer right now, but if these are sold out still make sure you check their website out as they often add new ones to replace any that have sold out.

100 Paper Graphic Bundle $25 / £19

This particular bundle is one I purchased myself, so I can vouch for the quality myself. It’s a fantastic bundle of 100 different digital papers, all of which are 3000 x 3000 so they’re the perfect size for digital projects. These papers include watercolour designs, foil designs, glitter designs and more, in an array of pretty colours. You’re getting 16 individual bundles within this mega bundle, so it really is a great deal and they’re some of my favourite papers to use.

820 Metallic Marble Textures Mega Graphic Bundle $22 / £16

This metallic marble bundle is one of the best deals I’ve found, and is a must-have for any marble fan. It contains 820 different metallic marble textures with a bonus of 10 confetti overlays which are all sparkly and a pretty extra. This bundle contains every colour marble paper you could possibly imagine, and they’re all 2000 x 2000 each.

Big Watercolour Textures Pack $15 / £11

If you prefer watercolour effect graphics and papers, this bundle is the one. For a low price you get 61 loose paint forms, 13 rectangular textures, 67 colourful dots, 6 modern seamless patterns – and the colours can be easily changed in Photoshop too. There are so many ways you can use these graphics, and they’re all great sizes for graphic work.

If you want to see what other Top Graphics Bundles The Hungry JPEG have to offer, you can check out their website.